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MAY 27TH 2017

A few months ago, we received an invitation from our friend Markus, aka vintagewatchzilla for the watch collectors world. Markus was so kind to invite us at a Speedmaster GTG that he wanted to organize in Vienna in May. Unfortunately, we were not able to go to Vienna at this date, which frustrated us, and even more when we saw the pictures of the event and heard about the organization of this incredible day… It seems that those guys have had a perfect Speedmaster journey and that the organization was really amazing.

That is why we decided together with Markus to publish this article and to share the pictures of the meeting.

What does happen when a small group of Speedmaster aficionados from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands meet in the morning in Vienna? Well, they just spend a fantastic day speaking about watches and sharing everything about their passion. The program started with a first round of discussions and a nice coffee, and went on with a lunch in Markus’ favorite Indian restaurant. But that was just the beginning. After the lunch, as Markus explained, “the real watch madness started”.

First step took place in the OMEGA Boutique, where guests were invited by the Boutique Manager. For your information, the OMEGA Boutique in Vienna hosts the only official OMEGA Museum in the world next to the main one in Biel.

After that, people moved to an hotel where a meeting room had been booked in order to show and study all the watches in a perfectly safe context. As you can see on the pictures, it has been an extremely interesting moment where people have had the opportunity to examine a lot of rare models, mainly Speedies but not only.

After 4 hours of intensive work – and fun! – what a better way to close the day than having an amazing dinner? As usual Markus chose one of its favorite schnitzel places with a fantastic terrace, good vibes and a nice choice of beers.

The only conclusion we may have at the end of this story is that… guys, you have to organize another one, and this time we will be more than happy to be with you. May the Speedmaster GTG in Vienna become a kind of tradition?!

The Omega Boutique and Museum.

Omega Speedmaster CK 2915.

The meeting room.

Apollo XI 1969 set.

CK 2998-4.

ST 105.003.

ST 145.012 Ultraman with friends.

ST 186.0004 with original box.

Racing dials.

Very rare Mark II Telestop.

Japan Racing 2004 with original brochure.

Seamasters or Speedmasters?

Seamaster 200.

UV lights.

Macro mode.

Serious work needs serious tools.

Family picture.

Flightmaster ST 145.013.

Subcounters details.

The Ultraman.

Quartz and Apollo XI.

The other Speedmaster Quartz.

CK 2998.

Original box detail.

Vintage only.

A nice group.

Particular thanks go to Markus for the organization and the story and Bert for the pictures.

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