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Applied metal Ω logo

This model retains the typical dial of the caliber 321 watches

"Dot Diagonal 70" bezel

Even the bezel is the same as those fitted on the 321 models

Caliber 861

But it is fitted with the new 861 caliber movement


( –

Sub-reference 145.022-68 is considered as a transitional or hybrid model.

It is fitted with the new caliber 861 movement, but retains the typical dial of the caliber 321 watches, with an applied metal Ω logo and the main hour markers going through the minutes track.

Nevertheless the dial is not exactly the same as those of the caliber 321 models, because the dimensions of the dial feet are different.

It was in production for a short while — a year between the end of 1968 and the end of 1969.

It is also the first reference in which the chronograph hand with a flat counterweight became generalized, even though some can be found today with the old chronograph seconds hand.

The model presented here is quite special.

It was delivered to Switzerland in February 1969, and has the following serial number: 27.322.555.

Its particularity? This is the model that we have used for the Moonwatch Only First Edition cover.

Choosing the right model for the Moonwatch Only cover has been a nice challenge. It is true that the real good idea (and the perfect execution by our great friend Luca Garbati) has been to mix the Moon image in the reflected watch. But we also had to make the good choice for the watch. And this perfect 145.022-68 has been elected.



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  • John Troxell says:

    Hi! I found a true transitional Omega Speedmaster Professional at a local church fair. A certified Omega specialist is currently overhauling it. He told me that in its current condition it could be worth between $5500 and $7000, but could appraise higher after its overhauled. It was missing its bezel, but I am getting an NOS replacement along with the appropriate NOS plexiglass crystal. It also had the wrong band which is being replaced with an appropriate one. It has the applied logo and has a -68 with the model number with the 861 caliber movement. I will have more info when it’s returned to me. It’s the find of my lifetime! I paid $5 for it!!

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